Deciding to hire a carer is a big decision. While some people believe it symbolises the loss of independence, in actuality, having a carer can add freedom and joy to your life. 

If you or someone you know needs a carer, here are a few steps to get you started. 

What type of care do you need? 

Employing a carer can improve your quality of life and bring many rewards, but in order to get the most out of caring, you need to identify what type of assistance you need. 

Are you looking for a carer to help someone with a disability? 
Does a loved one need some help around the home?

Let’s explore a few options. 

Help Around the Home

As you get older or if you are disabled, it can be hard to maintain your usual level of home upkeep to mobility or health issues. 

Hiring a carer means someone can take care of chores such as washing, cleaning, mowing the lawn, removing rubbish, changing smoke alarms and more. 

It also means you can keep living in the comfort of your home for longer. 

Have you recently been in an accident or returned from a hospital visit? Carers can provide short-term care to help out while you focus on feeling your best again.  

These services are provided for a set period of time that usually range from a few days up to a few months, but the aim is to assist you while you gain back your independence. 

Get assessed 

If you’ve made the choice to hire a carer, then first of all, congratulations for deciding to help your – or your loved one’s quality of life. 

The next step is to get assessed and see if you’re eligible for government help. As an Australian resident, you may qualify for subsidised care. This two-part process includes an eligibility check that’s able to be completed over the phone or online followed by a face-to-face assessment. 

You can learn more about the NDIS process here.